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What is Probate?

Probate is a legal process whereby a will is proved in court and accepted as a valid public document that is a true testament of the deceased. It is a means of transferring assets.

Who are the parties in a Probate?

  • The Administrator, the Executor named in the Will or Trust, if contested
  • The Trustee
  • Probate Attorney
  • Probate Judge
  • Probate Referee
  • Probate Clerk
  • Creditors
  • Heirs

Duties of the Administrator/Executor–Summarized

  • Reading of the Will, if there is one
  • Safeguards the Assets
  • Petition the court for Probate of the Will
  • Assembles and inventories estate assets and manages for the term of the Probate
  • Procures appraisal of all assets
  • Responsible for selling and or managing the real estate
  • Pays the taxes for the estate, if any
  • Settles Creditor claims
  • Distributes probate Estate as ordered by the courts
  • Obtain final discharge

Why you need a Probate Certified Specialist

The Process:

  • The process can be overwhelming
  • You need an experienced Certified Probate Specialist that understands the process, so you do not experience unnecessary delays
  • We have an expanded list of Probate Attorneys
  • We have Vendors that are “boots on the ground” to repair and maintain the property, and rekey, if necessary

Our Practice

  • We are experts in real estate, so you can sell the real estate quickly if need be;
  • Or we can list the real estate for sale on the local MLS for the highest possible return
  • If the estate is short on funds, we arrange for short term financing until the property is sold

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